Flea Market Hunters, There is Hope for You Yet!

Let’s say that your hobby is hunting for forgotten, minor treasures in flea markets and car boot sales. Let’s say that your spouse has given you an ultimatum of sorts: either the stuff you collect patiently goes, or they do! Do you think it’s fair? We think you have the ultimate alternative to turn your beloved pastime and potential familiar crisis into something much more fruitful.

Most of the items you have bought could be, as a matter of fact, resold for a margin: your good eye and understanding of antiques or modern vintage could be used to put a sum aside that could be used for a vacation…or three!

It’s not just about garage sales anymore: of course they work – but they reach just a limited audience. There is also the matter of re-selling some of your findings in the same markets where you bought them in the first place, and that could prove awkward if they were to be recognised by their original owners.

Then again, you would be wrong in thinking that your only alternative is on eBay: the online sea is full of other fish! Once again, apps are the way to go and there are a number of those. The good thing is that they’re all free to download: our advice is to test a number of them before you find the one that works best with you: some decide the price for you, for instance, which is a big no-no for most prospective sellers.

Gone, LetGo, Mercari, DePop all work on a variety of smartphones or tablets. They require you to be as descriptive as possible, and the more picture you take of your item, the better. Be prepared to answer some question from interested folks around you, too… And what do you know, you may soon be meeting people with the same interests as you: two hobbies with one stone!

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