Have a Photographic Eye? Get Your Camera (or Smartphone) Now!

Maybe you’re not one to read or write your own stories, but everyone commends your photos at parties or family gatherings. This is interesting and deserves your attention, because in spite of the increase in available photographic instruments (and the decrease of their average cost) over the last 15 years particularly, there is a shortage of good, solid photographers. And your hobby might come in handy.

It’s no wonder that stock photography agencies are on the rise. Famously, they feature pictures portraying an abstract situation, and sell them for a price: it’s those generic looking photos of people or landscapes you see often in glossy magazines or websites. What does it have to do with you though? Well, most of these agencies accept submissions by freelance photographers and even amateurs: iStockphoto, Fotolia and Dreamstime, are among the most well known agencies of this type, and they all pay on a “per picture sold” basis.

Of course, not all pictures are created equal: you’ll need to learn some photo editing techniques to craft images that will be accepted by the strict requirements of this type of service. This can be done through learning by trial-and-error. For example: how to operate common photo suites on your computer, or even following a tutorial on YouTube. The vast majority of software and video courses come for free, and they could represent an interesting complement to a fascinating pastime.

And for those of you who only shoot with a smartphone, don’t panic: apps like Foap or Snapwire work like something in between a photographic treasure hunt and an agency, connecting mobile photographers with brands and businesses looking for specific images to add to their social feeds. For instance, they might ask for pictures of kids drinking milk. The best photo would be picked by the brand that launched the search, and its author is compensated for his or her time, creativity, and effort. Doesn’t this sound marvelous?

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