Knitting, Sewing, Custom Printing T-Shirts: This Could Change Your Life

In previous pages of this site, we referred you to those apps that could help you sell your extra belongings, like all of those items you buy as a hobby at flea markets. Of course, these powerful softwares on the go can be used on your mobile or tablet to circulate other, different types of goods.

Maybe you’re not an antique hunter at all, but you like to create your own clothes, either by sewing or knitting: like Samantha Bolton, who got to meet (and impress) pop singer extraordinaire Katy Perry thanks to her handmade costumes, inspired by Perry’s music. Samantha had her own 15 minutes of celebrity by being endorsed by her idol, and you could do the same by spreading your name all over the Internet, selling your creations through the aforementioned apps.

And if you’re creative but cannot sew or knit, you could go for a different angle: upload the design for custom made t-shirts on portals like Threadless or Teezily, where your idea is only printed if it finds a minimum amount of fans. Think crowdfunding, but with clothing. Of course the model works because you submit creativity that is compensated: you would get a percentage for every sold t-shirt. Want a success story? Think of up and coming brand Glennz: the Glenn in question only wanted some extra pocket money and had the good sense of putting to use his design skills on the sites that we mentioned. Now he has his own shop!

Of course you don’t have to be as good an illustrator like him (although it helps): your t-shirts could just be sporting a funny line or a motivational concept. Ideally, though, you would need to practice on computer programs that you’d need to know how to use in order to create your personalised designs. Here’s to success, then!

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