Like to Talk About Yourself? Read On…

For the ultimate lazy lads and ladies out there, those who by nature are chatty and don’t really feel like doing anything during your free time, turning to the computer may be considered a relaxing activity. Once you’ve checked the news or read your email, what else could you be doing that could line your pockets with pennies?

If you’re a keen social media user, building a reputation as a community manager could turn out to be profitable, although you can’t expect to make money in the short period: it takes time to learn the ropes of how Facebook or Instagram work from the inside, behind their respective dashboards. Many have turned their passion into a career, and there is a steady request for social media managers from businesses worldwide.

For smaller sums, as well as quicker gains, what do you know about online paid surveys? Many reputable companies offer money, vouchers or coupons in exchange for your take on their products: take it from Helen Dewdney, an extreme example for sure, who became a best-seller author after running a blog with her opinion as a consumer. Before becoming like her, however, start small by filling polls regarding your habits when you do your shopping, your preferences at the movies and other similar tasks. Online services offering this kind of option are usually open internationally and the one thing they ask of you is to always be honest!

For something slightly different, an online startup called Prolific Academic, hailing from Oxford, pays you for filling out forms in studies run by universities in UK and worldwide. If your profile fits their specific criteria, you could end up talking about your feelings and ideas in a completely anonymous way and be rewarded for it! A dream hobby if we ever heard of one

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